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Indian cuisine is one of the most widely appreciated out there. From the thick spicy curries to the deep-fried delicacies, there’s something out there for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for the stuffed fried triangle lovely called a samosa or are leaning towards the idea of dipping a hot Indian bread into even hotter curry, the cuisine has you covered.

One might feel that to taste the best Indian food, and you’re going to have to travel to its homeland – India. It might be worth considering if you have the time and patience to make a trip halfway around the world just for some food. A less cumbersome (and undoubtedly much cheaper) alternative is to go local. Looking for curry express? No problem.

Some things to try when enjoying some Indian food

  • Samosas

A samosa can be best described as a fried triangle usually stuffed with ingredients ranging from mashed potatoes to certain vegetables, all mixed up using certain herbs and spices to increase the taste levels of the delicacy.

  • Bhelpuri

A bhelpuri is a mixture is puffed rice, thin and crunch ingredients ranging from onion and tomatoes to “paapdi” topped with tangy Indian chutneys to give your taste buds a symphony of various tastes together

  • Pakoda

A slight tongue twister, a pakoda is a vegetable – usually a potato, huge chilli, or a sliced onion marinated in a specially prepared batter and deep-fried in hot oil. The final result is then served with tomato sauce or any side of your choice

  • Paneer/Chicken/Lamb curry

Tenderly simmered cubes of cottage cheese, chicken or lamb (according to your preference) mixed in a specially prepared gravy comprising of a roasted mixture of cumin, ginger and garlic with a touch of chillies and herbs, served with hot Indian bread to make for a perfect lunch or dinner meal

  • Paneer/Chicken/Tikka

Pieces of any of the three aforementioned marinated and then specially prepared in an oven called a Tandoor to get the chunks to perfectly absorb all the juices and flavours of what the mixture has to offer.

  • Saag

Made of Popeye’s staple diet, saag or spinach is prepared using ginger, garlic, and onion and served with a bread called Roti that makes the mixture an appealing idea. You can also add in extra ingredients on the top to suit your munching needs

These are some ideas to consider when you’re planning to go for Indian express. The ideas can be mixed and matched, complementing it with a host of other available alternatives that you’d prefer to have. Vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, turnips, and nonvegetarian ideas such as salmon, shrimp and a host of other variants can be strung together to bring out the perfect combination. Indian hot pieces of bread such as naans, rotis, parathas, and kulchas are all great ideas to accompany your meal to make it all the more appealing. Indian food is meant to be relished. And curries of all sorts are the best way to experience it.

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