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Many people are concerned about their height. Being short can cause problems with low self esteem being numero uno. Shorter people find it more difficult to achieve in life because they have to work harder to overcome real or perceived advantages of taller people. 

How many times have you seen people chosen strictly due to their height and we aren’t talking about basketball only? Despite the common assumption our height is determined by genetics and a person is stuck with the height level received when the DNA cards were dealt there are things a person can try that can increase height. They include surgery (expensive and uncomfortable), growth hormone injections, exotic exercises and grow taller foods. The most desirable of these methods is the latter or diet. Scientific and medical authorities are in agreement the foods consumed have a tremendous effect on humans developing to their full height potential. 

This is verified by a large body of research dealing with the maximization of human growth. Grow taller food studies have discovered not only is the types of food important but the quality of the food will make big differences in growth rates. The conclusion is attaining maximum growth potential requires a diet of the correct type foods combined with insuring the foods on the diet are the highest quality. 

So exactly what are these special foods that will help us grow taller. The good news is they are not special and not only will they help realize full growth potential but they will promote a healthy, illness free existence. A daily diet that includes protein, potassium, calcium and iron will aid in growing taller and being healthier. 

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