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Rating: This brand of dog food has garnered a rating of a mere one out of five stars, making it one of the lower-tier foods available on the market today. For this reason, this kind of pet food should be avoided if you want your dog to have better longevity and a better quality of life over time. Although this pet food will suffice in a pinch, the Rancher’s Choice Dog Food nutrition is still sub par and quite inadequate for giving dogs the nutrients they need. This article will let you know why Rancher’s Choice Dog Food review and rating is quite low.

Rancher’s Choice Dog Food History

This kibble is actually marketed more toward those who have a lower budget when it comes to pet food. Yes, the Rancher’s Choice Dog Food price is targeted more toward value pricing, so that it can be within reach for those who can’t afford to spend too much on dog food. The manufacturer claims that this dog food is high quality, palatable and highly digestible, which is a good mix of qualities for a pet food to have. They also claim that this pet food is made of high quality ingredients—but is it really? Let’s take al look.

Rancher’s Choice Dog Food Ingredients

The quality of kibble is pretty much determined by the ingredients that make up its formulation. Upon looking at the list of ingredients for this pet food, it becomes apparent that Rancher’s Choice Dog Food ingredients aren’t the best that they can be. The ingredients list is quite short but it is peppered with ingredients that are found to be controversial for one reason or another. Even the first two ingredients on the list are controversial. For example, ground yellow corn—although it is not always a bad type of ingredient, the kind is not specified which might mean that the kind of corn used is feed-grade, or that which is usually employed for making feed for livestock.

It seems that the only meat component in this pet food is porcine meal, which is the fourth ingredient on the list. Although porcine meal contains 3x greater protein than pork, with it being third down the list it pretty much means there is a lot less meat content in this pet food than there should be. They have also included poultry fat, which is a great source of Omega-6 fatty acids (good for the heart)—but it seems to be preserved with BHA, which is controversial because of its links to causing cancer.

Notable Ingredients:

Ground Yellow Corn

Distillers Dried Grain with Solubles


Poultry Fat

Poultry Liver Flavoring

Rancher’s Choice Dog Food Coupons

You can make this pet food even more affordable with coupons for Rancher’s Choice dog food. Just keep your eye out and you may find a good deal for this food.

Rancher’s Choice Dog Food Review and Rating

Looking at the ingredients list of this pet food, it is apparent that this pet food is not of substantial nutrition or high quality. If you are looking for good nutrition for your pet, you will not find it in Rancher’s Choice. Skip this pet food if you are looking for great nutrition for your pet. This pet food truly deserves its 1/5 star rating.

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