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Unlike the canned type of Canine Caviar, this kibble is capable of providing all around nutrition which means that it is a good kind of pet food to feed to your beloved animal on a regular basis. Canned Canine Caviar can be used to supplement this particular kibble, which boasts such good nutrition that it deserves a five out of five star rating as well. Canine Caviar dog food nutrition is excellent and can even be called top notch, especially since they used high quality ingredients. This line of pet food is comprised of five pet foods all in all, but for this review we have chosen Canine Caviar Chicken and Pearl Millet Dinner kibble as the representative.

History of Canine Caviar

The way in which Canine Caviar dog food offers up the meat content in their kibble differs from all the rest. Canine Caviar gives dogs an advantage when it comes to getting all the possible nutrients in their pet food because instead of cooking the meat, it is instead dehydrated, which allows all the nutrients to stay rather than be voided by the high temperatures used in the cooking process. The makers of this pet food truly consider the holistic nutrition deserved by your pets, which is why they work on the nutrition of their pet food in such a way that it would be truly helpful in all aspects of your dog’s health and nutrition.

Canine Caviar Ingredients

First on the list of ingredients is dehydrated chicken. As it has been mentioned, Canine Caviar offers up raw meat nutrition in dehydrated form in order to eliminate any possible chance that nutrients would be destroyed in high temperatures. As a meat concentrate, dehydrated chicken also offers more than quadruple the amount of protein to be found in regular/fresh chicken. Following dehydrated chicken, next on the list is ground pearl millet. This gluten-free grain is hypoallergenic. It also naturally contains a rich amount of B-Vitamins, fibre and various essential minerals.

Brown rice, a source of carbohydrates, appears on the list as the third ingredient. And as a source of omega-6 (fatty acids which are good for the heart), they have added chicken fat into the food. They have also added flaxseed, a source of omega-3. Although there are a few controversial ingredients (some say the ingredient is healthy while others do not agree) to be found in this pet food, they are in such minute quantity within the formula that they are not likely to pose any risk or danger to your pet.

Notable Ingredients

Dehydrated chicken

Ground pearl millet

Brown Rice

Chicken fat, Flaxseed

Canine Caviar Coupons

If you are on a tight budget, you might be able still to fit in Canine Caviar—as long as you have coupons for Canine Caviar dog food in hand. After all, as a premium dog food, the Canine Caviar price can be quite high.

Canine Caviar Review and Rating

As it has been previously mentioned, this particular pet food contains a lot of healthy ingredients, even chelated minerals. The way in which they offer up raw meat also gives it an advantage, allowing dogs to gain all the possible nutrients they can get from this pet food. With five out of five stars, this dog food comes highly recommended.

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