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Most people think that caviar refers to fish eggs, but it is not the complete truth as it is mainly composed of sturgeon eggs that are slightly cured and salted. The dish is a little saltier as it does not contain any preservatives; instead, salt is added. It is one of the tastier dishes in the world. The dish should be kept at a low temperature, almost about 2 to 3-degree centigrade. Don’t worry about freezing as its oil and salt content will protect it from freezing.

Before making the dish make sure that the eggs are shiny and glistening and not wrinkly; it should smell like fresh sea air. Make sure that the eggs do not have any liquid. For a tastier dish, you need to have fresh and unbroken eggs. Generally, these eggs are obtained from cold-water fish; thus, it makes the dish seasonally not available for twelve months.

Generally, four types of caviar are available in the market that is Sevruga, Almas, Beluga, and Oscietre. All these types vary in flavor, size, and color. Differences in ingredients and availability of type decide its cost in the market. Moving further, let’s discuss the types of caviar ion detail.

Types of Caviar

Oscietre Caviar

The Osetra sturgeon egg is smaller than other types of caviar. Originally, it is founded in the Caspian Sea, but today, it is also farmed by the people to ensure Caviar’s quality production every year. The taste of this dish is like a dominant marine taste. Moreover, it varies from brown to gold color.

These eggs have good grain sizes, and the flavors are quite good. Overall, the dish is tastier and healthier, and you should try it at least once. Surely, you will come with a better experience of taste.

Almas Caviar

This dish is the most exclusive and expensive type of caviar. In Russian, Almas refers to diamonds. Due to its diamond-like appearance, the dish is named Almas Caviar. The dish has been enjoyed for a very past time. It is most popular among Russian people and in Ukraine.

The dish is made from the eggs of albino beluga sturgeon that are about 100-year-old. It is also a reason for its high cost. The eggs of this fish are smooth and white. Moreover, the dish has a spongier texture and tastes like a delicate salting marine dish.

Sevruga Caviar

After Almas, it is the most common type of caviar. In English, it is also known as starry sturgeon. This fish reproduces more quickly as compared to other caviar fishes. It makes the dish easily available in the market. Moreover, the dish is the cheapest among all eth types of caviar.

Lastly, if you love to have fish food and try something new, Caviar would be the best option. The dish is quite common in western countries, and people love to have it on special occasions. The dish is also affordable and can be enjoyed with less money investment.

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