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It is understandable that sometimes dogs may have special needs that may require them to live on a vegetarian diet. This is particularly if the dogs are sensitive or allergic to meat-based protein. However, it is not advisable to give dogs a purely vegetarian diet if they do not necessarily need it. But as pet owners, you will always know best for your beloved dogs. Therefore, it is fortunate that there are formulas like Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula dog food. The Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula dog food nutrition is meant to be able to provide dogs with the nutrition they need without any meat.

History of Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dog Food

The Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dog Food was made by Dick Van Patten. This dog food was designed for those canines that have sensitivities to meat or dairy. This formula was thus made in order to provide dogs with the necessary nutrients they need to thrive while eliminating the involvement of any sort of meat or dairy. This is truly a vegan product, containing no meat or dairy. It also contains no artificial ingredients, whether it is preservatives or additives like colourants or flavourings.

Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dog Food Ingredients

As a vegetarian/vegetarian formula, it becomes natural to assume that this dog food contains no meat or dairy products. Thus you can be pretty certain that there will be an alternative protein source. The first listed ingredient is water—used for processing and for keeping the dog food moist. It is understandable to have water or likewise substitute in any canned food, but it should not be the first ingredient. Brown rice is the second ingredient, a carbohydrate source that is easily digestible when cooked. This is followed by barley, another carb source that is also capable of supporting blood sugar levels and making them stable. Oatmeal is a gluten-free source of fibre and B-Vitamins.

Canola oil is in this mix, a controversial ingredient because some people say it is unhealthy while others say it is a great addition for its Omega-3 content. This ingredient is followed by carrots, which provide beta carotene. All the way down the list as the seventh ingredient is the only source of protein in this dog food—potato protein. Even though it contains 80% protein (plant-based), it is still not as competent as meat when it comes to biological value. Nevertheless, it still provides protein.

Notable Ingredients

Brown rice



Canola oil


Potato protein

Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dog Food Coupons

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Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dog Food Review and Rating

For the high quality ingredients in this dog food, we are quite ready to provide it with perhaps a four star rating. However, the nutritional facts speak for themselves—containing low protein, very high carbs and below-average fat, this dog food is not balanced as per dogs need. One thing as well is the fact that the protein source is too far down the list for our liking. Still, it deserves three out of five stars.

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